Created in France, endermologie® is the beauty/health/anti-aging secret of many celebrities around the world, who demand visible results but also a safety commitment to their bodies in the long term. Every day, 200,000 women around the world entrust endermologie with their beauty. Be the next!
Please check the STORY OF OUR RECENT CLIENT who gratefully gave us permission to share her case. Click here for details.

LPG Endermologie

Single Session           35min                    £45
Single Session           45min                    £55
Single Session           60min                    £65
5 Session                     35min                   £250
11 Session                     35min                £400
11 Session                     45min                £500
11 Session                     60min                £600



Facelift                            30min                £45
Facelift                            45min                £60
Facelift                            60min                £75